Quick writing break.

No Starbucks, Victory ONE.  Sent reports, followed on a few leads already, sent emails.  Something in this morning has me in a complete AE read.  Only tending to what will get me to my office.  Outside, sun.. air clean and perfectly and generously poured for me… Message from Ops Manager, see what she said..

Fixed a problem for me, concerning commissions report of a contract.

Engineer accepted appointment for tomorrow, hopefully this person will sign.  In Novato, IT head for a big plumbing outfit.  Interesting I guess.

Need more coffee.  It’s cold now, the cup I made this morning rushing the kids out the door.  Woke way too late this morning.  Things need to be re-written in my ways, the hours and the architecture therein and of.

In office, trying on couch, “What now?” I think.  Canvass, prospect… businesses I’m interested in.  In the city mostly.  Coffee first.  So much more coffee.  Usually tap out at three cups, today may be a four-er.

Going to Starbucks after all.  At first just to get MAF something, but I’m treating ME to a latte.  Part of the day’s budget, I’m decreeing.  Leaving now….

Couple sips in, and in full prospect mode.  Going to give MAF a little break, hold Henry for a bit.  One thing I’m doing today is shifting prospecting sight.  Trying to connect with PR, Marketing, Advertising, and other related wires.

Seeing prospecting as completely mental, in the head, the attitude placed in-place for doing so.  Understandable, cold-calling isn’t a favorite act of sales people, or some.  So my note to them, and self—not advice, but a kind NOTE—is make it something else.  Make it warm.  Make it warm and fuzzy, just not cheesy.  Make it a call after doing research saying that you’d love to work with them.

My next call will be this, checking in, seeing if I can help… got their name from somewhere and looked you up and would love to talk sometime.  Something like that.  Don’t do COLD-calling.  Just call.  Say hi.

11:08 now, Henry quiet upstairs, think he fell asleep.  Quiet outside, neighbor no longer vacuuming inside of his truck. 


4:32pm. Prospecting and a sales meeting.

This new direction I’m playing with helps me find a lot more businesses I find interesting and obviously would love to work with, but no aid in speeding up the process.  The sales cycle certainly something with which I’lm struggling as an AE.  Not with converting when I have bites on hook as some put it, but with patience.  The mental game.  That’s one comical side to this… be patient, some say.  Well what it you’r not.  And, to people just saying be patient do they think it’s that easy.  Like flipping a switch, or turning on a new engine?  Getting in a new vehicle and just driving, with no lessons?

Have a call scheduled for tomorrow, think I notes that earlier.  And other than that I am going to MAKE myself be on the phone and stay there.  Calling, cold or warm or non-temp’d.  I’m calling.  Not so much the quota I’m concerned with, it’s getting checks like the one I just did, and more like it, or with a better number.  Keep prospecting, make a project from it.. the #prospectesk blog and other side-beats.