Tired. Henry waking last night

at 2-something and me brining him downstairs to walk around hoping he fell asleep.  He didn’t so I brought him back upstairs and he wouldn’t go down still and I couldn’t sleep…. So here I am.  Drained and a bit disinterested in doing any prospecting.  The buzz from yesterday’s sale has very much worn off.

Need to do everything differently today.  How… what do I do.

Another chapter from the networking organization trying to recruit me.  Not making a move or deciding yet….  Frustrated, with this whole covid thing.  Sales not happening, people not pulling the trigger.  Still waiting to hear back on contracts..

I email an existing prospect. Notice how quiet it is in the house.

Running later…. Up San Miguel, then back.  Going to keep run confined, contained and condensed.  Forcing self to operate in small space.

2nd cup of coffee.  9:04am….  Ideas.  Approaches.  Making something different than what it is.