Emailed Enterprise Sales Director and the AE covering for me.  7:43am time now, sipping coffee.  Promised breakfast to Jack and Emma, both already up and pressing me on it.  Want to see if MAF and her mother are interested.

Planning on working out again today, bike for 30 then triceps for 30.  Can do later.  Right now just want to write, collect self, react with production to the documentary I saw last night about the entrepreneur.

Work area again a mess, let me clean it real quick, remove sparkling water cans, coffee mug (son’s, the Spider-Man one..)…

Smells like an ashtray outside, or campfire, that wood and those logs with the porous black char on the sides.  When did I see blue sky, last?  Honestly don’t remember.  Covid, paired with wildfires.  Again today I feel like moving.  To Alaska, or Washington, I don’t know anymore.  Trying to take my mind off it with the wine from last night, the remainder of the Neyers and the Mill Creek Zin.  I’d have both in the shop of course, but then I think “Why not just do the shop now?” Have the idea of starting wine conversations… asking for people’s thoughts.  Not charging anything… continue to amplify knowledge of me and the blog and the wine-timed conversations extending from.  Will start with those two bottles, the varietals more than the wineries or AVA’s.

Jack being silly, singing something.  Just waiting for Emma to frustrate and retaliate.  In this quarantine corner I meditate and conspire another cup.  Coffee… need a new machine.  Will move some money today, set up more of my idea office here.  Keep creating within budget.

Budget, part of the art of this whole thing.  BUILDING, as that entrepreneur guy said last night.

Architecture, as the AE Mike Madigan stimulates and annunciates.