After a long night with Henry, I’m delighting in a week new.

He sleeps in front of me in that little swing. Right now not swinging, just still. Quiet in house, and was going to have another of those nitro-yodeling coffee drinks but the one I had when I woke from nap around….. 10-something was enough. I think maybe too much. Had n head that I was working today. I mean, it’s Monday…..

Know I’m on leave but I can’t stay away from movement, from transactions and business building, ARCHITECTURE. After new baby arrival you’ll feel yourself feeling this, the eagerness to go back. Watching little Henry Lucas sleep there in the non-swinging chair, I’m told to STOP. You’ll be back in the circular and diagonal and affectionately oblong AE life.

Henry sleeping right in front of me is a thesis written specifically for me I feel, and all my projects and curiosities. That being, “Be a calm and wandering being.” Always be in search mode. Time to collect and actually not write or produce, or look for or engage in new conversations is advantageous.

This little human, and this scroll of being a dad for the third time in my story writes new AE notes. About Everything, this is… the entirety and the enveloping circumstance of life and unknown gem troves in matters and scenes otherwise not examined.

Sharing these notes from my certainty that we all need to know when to produce, and when to collect and when to move. We all want to get back to work. Though, rushing to do so would be the detriment. If your company doesn’t understand, then a new chorus is known, one you have sharply perceive.

I go back to watching him, moving a bit but mostly dormant. Sleep. May be back next week, or not. Note, and I do continue in candor with self, I want to be back in full AE spree. Rushing to do so is not the answer, in any considered reality.