Finally, some decent sleep.  Didn’t sleep much from about midnight till 3-something.  Went for walks, short, about the hospital.

Feeling this morning like something new has started, and of course it is.  Yes, with the baby, also with idea pattern, business.  Baby is a symbol, or promise, story.  All he does as you might imagine is sleep, eat, release.  His little face…. And yes he’s still nameless.

Emailed work, management and HR, called our leave consultant.  Not sure why we use one, but I called either way.  Learning for me, at Bottledaux everything, EVERYTHING, will be handled in-house.  Something I’ve been thinking about in the hospital.

Interruptions constant, so entries need be brief.

Handsome refusing to feed.  Doctor and nurse coming in to comfort and advise and speak the same sentences we’ve heard.

Handsome’s cries when he really decides to opera, horrible.  Least favorite sound in my history.

Bottledaux… wine…. Writing… new birth of new projects.  Keep my beat and having all notes be notes.  Outlawing sentences.  Had a dream about that actually.  Notebook.  Notes.  Those compose the books, my life and career.  The same for everyone.  Why do you need to formalize, or be so full.