Shower, posted something I wrote yesterday to blog…

Last night up late thinking about approach to business, baby 3 who’ll be here on Tuesday…. My class, and how I’ll do that.  May still be in hospital with them on Thursday, so may do the class on phone.  Not sure.  Or laptop.

Emma complains that she’s hungry, then stops.  I let them play video games this morning, but only for a bit.  Leaving to get them breakfast soon…. Daddy always moving.  #papablogga, part of my brainstorming last night, showing other dads, or parents in general that kids does not translate to death of aims.  EVER.

Caffeine…. Needing.  No breakfast for me.  Need to do bike today, some weights.  Woke at 7:40-something.  Or, that’s when I left bed and moved into the day like an explorer who just found a new trail to something.

Again last night’s wines, not saying much to me.  And one of them was one of Glenn’s.  They Syrah, from a gorgeous Bennett Valley vineyard that I’ve actually visited before with Glenn.  Who knows what that means.  Wine and I may again beat a particular impasse.

Shorter entries, so I need to close this one.  Another principle affirmed last night while with Syrah glass, and brainstorming, taking notes but writing nothing.  Only in head.