8:59am Kids playing with legos, first thing.  And of course, the breakfast requests.  Waffles for both, my cal.  No negotiating.

Didn’t sleep much, tired and pounding this coffee like it were the fountain of youth brew.  Plans to start this coming week, today.

Other project ideas… write them all down today.  From the web design idea, to the blog architecture notes, to something on architecture….  Writing everything down.  3000 words, have to hit.

Jack shows me the car he just made with his set, Emma shows my the Frozen boat and… not sure if it’s a house or just some scene, with a backdrop with illustrated trees and snow.

Ate light yesterday, so I wake hungry.  Do I want breakfast?  Promised self today would be a no-spend…. shit.  But it sounds so good.  An omelet, that waffle breakfast that Jackie’s had a couple times….

Stick to coffee.  Coffee is holy.  Coffee is morning.  Coffee is words.  More thoughts, the ideas, new architecture of character.  But it’s not working.  I still feel like I could sleep.  Forcing self to remain awake will yield something.  How to get a contract tomorrow… signed and returned.  If not hit 100% of quota then get as close as I can to that goddamn number.  People try to tell me how hard it is from covid, that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, and I get all that… but it’s what I (!!!) want.  Not the company, not the director, but ME.

Start today… study the website again like I did the other week.  Write two or three points to repeat every call.  Not a script, just points.  And, make more calls.  Play more, have more fun…. WAKE EARLIER.

Coffee…. Where are you?  Need the new coffee machine for the studio here.  My eventual office.  Start designing, starting with the coffee machine, my desk, the thought cove which is a small room where not laptops are allowed… only humans, thoughts, pen and paper.