Waiting for laundry, so I’m stuck here for a bit more.

Bored of my writing, writing this.  Should just put myself out the rest of the day.  Everyone else in my department is taking tons of time off in this covid cloud that we’re till in.  Governor Slick might open indoor dining soon, I think I read somewhere.  Would it make a difference though?

I’m getting out to the street next week.  Starting Monday.  Hit parts of Marin, starting in San Rafael.  Change everything….  Thinking of that movie, Groundhog Day…. So many referencing that film with this covid and quarantine/shutdown blend, especially in the early months.  But that’s not what I’m doing.. not comparing but thinking about what the character Phil did.  He approached each day differently, reacted to interactions and occurrences differently.  Why am I just realizing this now?  Shit…. I know what to do.

Go for a drive.  To Lancaster.  Then go to Skillets for lunch.  Then come back home, work for a bit then head to the east side for haircut.  Do something to write about… turn this goddamn blog into that business.  The marketing, narrating, creative colony you see at Sonic.

Notes to self… take away the I and Me, and even You… just state idea, declaratively….  “Amusement in everything if character chooses.” Jotted in journal.  Getting hungry.  How much time left with laundry.  Hate laundry.  Why could it ever be liked, loved, enjoyed?

Finally it’s done.  Shit, that means I have to move it.  Ugh….

Hours later, and after the haircut, and after a call where I communicated pricing but the prospect didn’t exactly like it… oh, and after a visit to Lancaster to see my vino sisters, I’m closing up with a beer at this small show-table.

Both kids home and upstair watching a move after their long week of Zoom meetings and being driven across town and into another town (Kenwood, basically) for their schooling.

I feel myself looking forward to Fridays now, where I NEVER did before.  Was never that type.  And, as well, which I even more deplore, dreading Mondays.  Don’t like that either.  Need to run more.  That will solve everything.  I know it will.

Will put out running set tonight, undo laces, so all I have to do come early A.M. is rise and fucking RUN.

5am, 5am running… want to write a book on