2:09.  Kids engaged in shootout in other room.  Me taking a break, or trying till the two mini-bulls come into the office and break my typing time like and old jar that fell from a tall shelf.

Marketing self and finding conversations, building them as best I can.

Wife brought home 3-shot latte for me, thanks the craft.  Was feeling drained and surrendered earlier.  Now I’m revived, more or less.  Need to get a new coffee machine in here, one that makes espresso.  One that works.

May have a contract coming in.  “Market ME more.” Written on day’s page in BW journal, then in 1948 Dad Journal.

2:31.  Feeling the sleepy spell again.  Not sure why or how, I throwing back this latte pretty quick.  Maybe that’s the problem, or having some opposite effect.

Sales meeting in 28 minutes.  This idea of a strtup, at my age… starting something new, and not just new for the sake of something new, but a direction modifier.  New space, story, visual.  To do this I need only block and black out time for my project.  Bottledaux, knowing your Now and with more reverence.