Sent video link to students.

Going to be hot today, and not sure what I’m to do other than write from this quarantine corner desk/table/stand.

Finally some interesting wines last night.  Chardonnay and a Grenache.  Video conference and tasting with my sommelier buddy Chris.  Haven’t seen him in a while, good to catch up.  Fun talking about wine from a fun and human angle.

Laundry going upstairs, finally.  Need to make self shave today…. MUST.  Needed.

8:22 now.  Both kids are up.  Whole day ahead of me….  Just write.  Self-analysis.  People… work, what they do for work and why.

Have to email a student, one who wants to add… send her syllabus and letter, then link to video.

Just remembered my dentist visit this week.  X-rays taken, and he found a cavity on the same fuckin tooth he fixed last time.  Even he, Larry, made a joke or two about it.  I didn’t find it that funny, but still…. The  same fucking tooth.  Brushed teeth with near anger this morning, and used that new atomic Listerine I bought the other day.  I don’t know what’s special about it but the label boasts some new super power about it.  Something, I don’t know.