Working on web design projects and ideas.  Just got home from some errands.  Not sure how much time I have left to self.  Imagine not much.

Big sparkling water from corner store.  In fast, putting off lunch as long as possible.  Too hot to run, and too hot in garage for bike.

Frustrated but then figured it out, something with the design.  Was trying to rush.  See my character as impatient and I know that’s what brings about certain frustration and detrimental declinations.

This morning, soon as I saw the ceiling, I thought “Build your own.” Not sure why, but then thought of friend of mine that wanted an office, or a bar in their apartment or condo or house, or some man cave or whatever those are called now…. They built it.  That’s it. They didn’t ask for permission, they didn’t wait for any perfect set of conditions, they just bloody built it.

Coming back to this web design idea, coupled with blogging and communication, I see an advantageous helix and triangulation of creative, expression and new business.

Something else unlocked.  I’m teaching myself in this small little pillow of time allotted.  What if I woke at 4am, worked till everyone woke.  What could I teach myself with that clasp of creative?

Sip the water again and look out the window.  No one out.  None of the kids are out.  There’s something to be built with the day.  Through businesses, the story of them, of ME… what I’m stressing this semester.

Going back and forth, buzzing, swarming— swarm of ONE— project to project.  Kids home, and being entrenched in creative is nearly impossible.  Breaking till later…

1:36pm – Keeping self in note taking climate.  Outside, unbearably hot.  AC in car still dead.  All I can write about, how that incenses me.  Stop there, blogging wine and class.  ME at this desk, where I feel more me than anywhere else, lately.  Going to Salt & Stone for the first time in few hours with family.  Never been, and we have that gift cert’ from Mom and Dad.  Want a restaurant where I can write, like Hemingway in that café at the beginning of Feast.

Weekends now, in the covid cloud, not sure I dread them or look forward, or just have no feeling.