this morning’s page


7:52.  Up and readying for day.  Plan on being on the phone and emailing, and more again research of geographies and the businesses that reside.  IT and other partners of course now more emphasized and prioritized than prior, especially with yesterday’s results.

Still waking up, but in mode and mood for the AE sea.  Going to follow daily blueprint, and modify where needed.

Sent above paragraphs as flight for director.  My day’s “plan, I guess.  Having trouble waking up.  Not sure why then all the world sure why.  Keep moving… move!  Hear Emma waking I think, yes I realize as she lets out that elongated stretch-yawn.

Sip coffee.  Temp odd.  No budget today for a latte run so I make do.  Make it work.  Enjoy it as I can.

Take my time, this morning.  One time Dad recommending I not be so sped to get someone an estimate, when I first started freelancing with blogging and copywriting, about five years ago.  Same for any day..t his morning.. me wanting to replicate and reverberate what I did yesterday.

3 contracts.

Still can’t believe it then I can absolutely believe it.  I wanted to kill quota this month.  And I did.  Same with others I know, setting small goals for themselves, and just not seeing any other way it’ll turn out.

Was about to write aims for day into journal but then stopped self.  That’s what gets me into trouble, often.  And by trouble I mean it not getting done, me not accomplishing what’s sought.

Quiet house… want photography, new pictures… want to walk the vineyard.  When can I do that.  Possibly later today, I’m thinking.  Before getting Jack from camp.  Need to write more freely—  OH.  Prepare for classes, Fall… writing freely.. freedom.  This semester will be my first full virtual term.

What does that mean for me?

What does that mean for the writing, what I do every morning like this when everyone is still in bed in some dream and I’m trying to do something.  Show some pulse of production for the day, early.  Earlier than early for some.

Think flight plan was a lie.  No idea how to approach the day.  Stressed a bit, but why.  You had an amazing day yesterday.  Yes but where my head goes is What if that doesn’t happen for a while?  Don’t do that, I command self.

Tired of this seat, this chair especially.  Back hurting.  No wonder my runs have been lousy the last few outings.

Sitting on couch now, but still sitting.  8:13, no one down here yet.  The entire day… what to do with it.  Tempted to go back to sleep.  Why am I so sluggish this morning.  Is it the wine, did I have a glass too late?  If I have to ask I guess the answer is yes, right?

Focus on the 3 contracts from yesterday, how it happened.  Everything I did to bring that about.  Constant movement, conversation…. And, two of the three leads were generated by self.  So that’s definitely something I need to manufacture, repeat, identify some code or formula, some recipe.  Think I have, but need to let it marinate, rest and collect before I anything implement.