from this morning …

Sip my coffee, and relax….  Took some pictures yesterday in the vineyard.  Walked around a bit, not as much as I used to but I was in the rows, looking at Syrah clusters.

Idea for photog… not that I’d consider myself a photog, I’m a writer, but I do have several shots from years behind me of clusters and rows, vineyards and wine glasses full and not.  “Vino visuals”, as I say on the vvv blog.

Want to write another letter to Karl….  Will do after call.

Somehow need to find 2-3 hours or create time today.  How… the appointment at 2, the kids….  Should have woke at 4-something, or 5.

Jack asks me, “How do you spell ‘up’?” I answer what he wants to here of course, punctuating each letter with voice and tone, “U-P… huh huh…..” The laugh being sarcastic and suggestive as if to say Is that what you wanted to hear?

Computer restarted “because of a problem” it said and I lost a paragraph.  No matter.  Getting ready for call.  What do I want from the call, I ask self.  Easy… get to know the person, the character.  Listen.  No fixation in or obsession to convert or transact.  You’re a writer, I remind.  KNOW THE CHARACTER.

Coffee at that odd and somewhat unappealing temperature—

Trying to resent my Apple ID password, and only frustration.  Taking a breath, I see again that more music in my day-to-day will solve everything and mitigate anything needing mitigation or mending.