Tonight devoted to web design and blog creation.  Want to get my office office the ground, after prospecting as I do for Sonic.  Web Design, Blog Creation, Visual Narrative….  Ideas pummeling me right now.

Accosted by realization upstairs, ironing some clothes.  Precisely what I want to do, with blogging… where I want it to take me.

Businesses and their stories and how they speak their own reality have always fascinated me, and attained my attention with little effort.  This is more than just the flashy fantasy some have of getting into marketing and design, blogging or writing….  Starting with wine wine and related industries, whatever I can find.  Have two leads written.  Will prospect the same way I do for Sonic.

Will work here, at desk.  Not at counter. Stay in the chair, as I always stress, semester to semester.

Shorter paragraphs, more images….