Internet back up.  Bought self a latte.  Poem done.  Today, all music.

Shorter paragraphs and entries.  More music.

Speaking like an instrument.  And more playful, just play like my daughter in her room with her dolls having conversations with her loves and dolls and having them have conversations while she’s mid-dialogue exchange.

Today, only motions and movement and beats to make self happy.

Bought more storage on cloud, had to.  Dad recommended I do so long ago when he gifted me this laptop for my startup endeavors but I procrastinated till this morning, till the event of the Internet down that began last night.

Listening to beat, the LoFi type and form…. One song before day’s end….  I promise myself.  Will carry my music into the week, just jam sessions after another.

Not seeing sales as sales, anymore.

Same with prospecting.

Same with calling.

Same with the entire AE breeze and sea.