10:01 Restlessness already kicking in.  Stop… see it as fuel for writing.  I do, I tell myself.  Will send yesterday’s EOD in a bit, and look for some businesses.

10:02 Should I do the bike today, rather than later run?  No.  Run later.  Or tomorrow morning.

10:03 Trying to not just get ahead of time but show time that I am in control of its narrative.  I’m taking time away from time, in a sense.

10:04 Hoping to get some time to self, at some point today.  I did this morning, one could contend, and I agree.  But I need extended writing time.  Write the sales reality I need and that I want.

10:05 Sales Thought – Stop thinking about it.  Don’t think at all.  Lean, be addicted to the knowledge acquired in meeting prospective businesses, customers and clients.

10:06 Think I need a break, should go into the other room and sit with kids, watch their cartoon with them or better tell them off goes the TV.

10:07 Excited about teaching in Fall, honestly.  Will have to use Zoom, and I don’t want to, at all.  Then don’t.  Use zoom for office hours, maybe?

10:08 Each minute is a track, or potential for a track.  A note later build. More music, more albums… get up earlier and start in the morning, before morning is morning.