1:37 Said 99 degrees in car on way back from brunch at Skillets in Windsor.  So, essentially, and actually, we are in here for the day.  No errands to run and quite curtly I’m all definitions of happiness in such reality as I’m able to be here, at desk, at the quarantine table and corner and think about next week, no matter how many closures there are, no matter what’s thrown or catapulted my way.

Wine and fitness in thoughts, so I write it in one of my journals (currently 3 are on desk, at my left).  Running right now is in no way an option, did weights earlier a bit.  Too tired to now do it. Thought about having coffee but elected sparkling water in its stead.  Sleepy a bit after lunch, and thinking about coffee.  Or a nap.  Want to quit the afternoon coffee habit I’ve had for years, and drink more water….  Bored with this topic, I switch to visuals of being in the vineyard, waking early during harvest, making wine.  Selling a book of wines.  Traveling and speaking on wine… well, not “speaking” like I’m some authority but sharing ideas and experiences on wine.

Last night with that Chappellet Pinot, reviewing my life in wine, out in the vineyard on one of my walks… all the pictures on this laptop.  Writing ONLY about wine.  OR, having everything somehow connect to wine and my experiences in the industry, making wine as I did that one year at Kunde, then the year before with me sister.  Polishing all those classes and doing estate tours, or cave tours at Lancaster.

Do I want to make wine again?  Yes.  I do.  Not this year, though…..  Westwood wine at my right.  Chardonnay and two bottles of their GSM blend.   When I speak about wine it’s not natural, but inherent, innate…. The truest of true languages I speak.  

Utilize that more when in my AE spree.  Putting people at ease, having them relax as if doing a tasting…. Hospitality.  One of the dozens of events I worked while at Foley Family Wines, I remember people just laughing outside and touching glasses.  Couldn’t figure out why and I really didn’t need to know.  It was that visual that told me something, that life is not short or even cruelly curt as I’ve always said but always moving and one day it will stop.  So, smily, delight in the day and all its erratic array.

I want to drive all over the country like Kerouac and see what wines are offered in certain states.  Probably not a great idea to do that know with a global pandemic still in play, but it’s what I’m seeing now.  Me with glass in a Florida hotel looking out at the water and the wind picking up a bit with a storm offshore and me writing notes about what I’m sipping and what brought me to that glass.

Any advice on wine or wine tasting, or anything wine should direct toward enjoyment.  Of the wine yes but more forwardly and fervently your life.