Today and tomorrow to get something on the board for the month.

Going to San Rafael, walk around, say hi and offer cards.

A couple meetings later….

Not sure what to do at this point, with me sending out numbers and estimates, proposals and the like and people dragging their feet.

Admin stuff out of the way, just waiting for day to take off.  Was out of bed just after six and came right here to the desk.

Start more conversations today…. Follow up with the IT guy from Friday.

All I am going to do today….. Walk around and say hi.  Enjoy my walk, pass out cards if I can and if not then I was out in the Field and did what I could.

Ideas already being written for Fall classes, whatever they’ll be…. Thinking two 1A’s.  Believe that’s what the new chair said she had mapped for me.

Demeanor, disposition…. Switching mine a bit this morning.  To not try so hard as an AE, and not care as much.  I overthink it a lot, I know.  Always been like that.  Funny, as I’m always suggesting to students “Don’t think, just write…” And here I am, the principle tangible of excess deliberation.

Not going to be too hot, today.  Thankfully.  The walk should be nice, in San Rafael.  Then later in Novato.  Wonder how many will be in their offices, versus those working from home.

Need to find time to run today, at some point as well.  Calculate if I go to San Rafael after taking Jack to his camp, I could be down there canvassing for a bit then make it back up here around 1, latest.  Run for 90 minutes (how long I hope to last), new and old route.  No concern with speed, or pace, or really even distance, just the time in form.

Rather than write a book on wine, a topic within which you can only really do so much and go so many places, I decide to write on this…. In sales, during a global pandemic, and changing everything about one’s story, narrative, then to me writing style, mode.

In the Fall with my classes, I plan to stress – There is no permanency to stylistics… let your character and narrative change.  Write where you are, what you’re doing… there’s more than just magic in the meta of things.  There are beaming answers.

If things don’t turn around for me, in this sales/AE reality, I’ll have to be in re-write mode on a grand and expansive level.  Already I’m telling myself to stay away from tasting rooms.  Done it too much and for too long… This weekend at Caddis was a writing assignment, and frankly just fun.  Forward, more blogging, more marketing for SMALL businesses, or “medium-sized”, possibly.  More of just a brainstorm, really.

A the spot in my story where a direction need be examined.  And yes, it’s this whole covid thing that’s making me do so.  Rather than cursing, avoiding, or grieving over it, I’m opportunistic….

Where can I go now, what can I do.  That sort of thought plain and meditative strain.

If nothing is on the board, come June close, then that’s what the story will be.  And my character moves from there.  Preemptive pulses now, writing, in chair, before day’s ablaze and in its craze.  The day about to start, packing for drive.  Ready to walk, no canvass but converse.