Weights arrived, unpacked and assembled.

Took kids to Healdsburg to get ice-cream.  Long line at Noble Folk, but the kids were determined to get their treat.  Took picture of them in front of the sign.  Told them to smile but of course with masks on, the smiles are unnoticed and negated.

Sipping the rest of the Petite Sirah from last night, at desk.  Listing new projects, ideas.

This next week has to be explosive, and it will.  The aim is visibility, and communication.  No outside clouds or pushes allow to fracture my capture of moments and what they instruct.  SALES…. MARKETING…. without doing or saying either.  Not sure what I want to say but I guess I just did.  There I go again, THINKING.

That’s always the problem.  Always what obstructs.