Don’t always feel you need to be on the hunt.  And it’s not hunting, I’ve found.  And I’m certainly not telling anyone else what to do.  More of a note and reminder to myself in this time where we don’t know what kind of security or lack thereof and in tomorrow will sow.  I’m in the mode for new business, of course.  Can even call it “prospecting”.  But I’m not letting myself feel too pressured, especially FROM my own mind, my own thoughts and aims in what I do as a telecom AE.

Out of the house for the first time in a few days, and the quiet is reassuring, reiterative in a multitude of hues.  The rest of the day, mostly a situating for the next day.  Where I’m going, what I’m doing…. take son to school then from there I think head to Novato.  Walk around the hangars, what people call Hamilton Landing.  Start more conversations.  Meet people, just keep moving and enjoy the steps, the walk around a new set of streets and steps that I’ve never taken.

No hunting, just being outside, seeing new buildings and learning about more business modes and shapes, narratives and architecture.