7:10.  Reaching a point of boredom and frustration with certain consistencies.  So, I type on the couch.

Everyone still asleep, though I think Jack is slowly waking.

Me with coffee.  Feels hot in the office, muggy or something.  Finishing an essay today.

Wish the whole day could be this quiet.  Nothing interrupting me, or obstructing my type, my time, me here on couch with clothes next to me, mine that I brought downstairs and haven’t yet put on.

Not sure what to write, and these are beaming conditions for such.  

Weird noise from kitchen, think the refrigerator making ice.

Don’t want today to be just another repeat of the quarantine days.  So I focus on the meta, the magic therein yes but the reality, the promise, the answers.  Watching Emma yesterday on her bike, no training wheels (Did I mention she could do that now?), dictates directly to my immediacy.  My character, my AE pages.  Just try, yes, but go.  Convince yourself that something is going to happen.  Not just the “make it happen” mentally and bumper sticker statements, but profuse and present conviction.

Cleaning office, work area, this couch.  Making calls.  Create my own leads…. Want more coffee.  Didn’t get self a latte yesterday but I may today.  Stay in that chair, even when Emma says she wants to go outside and play, ride her bike.  Of course I’ll give in a couple times, but I WILL be in that chair today.  Noting everything.

Soon to send flight plan to director.  Then after that, find partners, IT professionals and Network Consultants.  Surprised everyone in the house is still asleep.  Let them sleep, I tell myself… work, start the day—  Don’t just start it.  You’re in it, you’re already riding, writing.  Using every day left in the month to produce, not just…..  Had an idea, should write it down but my journal is over there and I don’t want to separate from couch, stop typing.

Is there a notebook app on this thing….?

Found it.  Made note.  Regarding what I’m doing today with looking for partners.  Have on inbound lead I have to answer, then going back through older leads that were in the system before I joined the Enterprise team.  Won’t depend on those, believe me.  No sales person or AE should depend on ready-made leads, something fed to them.  The domesticated versus wild comparative, of course.

Moving, moving…. Not stopping, noting everything… it’s all in words and the words I deploy, how many times I release the pages.

Another noise from kitchen, reminding me of expected unexpectedness.   These quarantine or pandemic of covid or corona days.  However they’re named, have something in pace.  Pull from what’s around you, don’t resist it.  I’ve told myself that before, written it and offered the idea to students in several of my classes but now it’s not just in my lap but fiercely ricocheting in my brain.

Singular effort for day, each day.  Wrote a ‘typical day’ outline or plan for self the other day, to further and more effectively hone beat and self-projection.  Distilling it, or should I say blending it down (more a wine phrase of course me being a vino bloke), further.  Lowering production a bit in terms of province count but amplifying it in efficiency.

Sales notes…. more.  Narration place in told beat and dimension that will convert and build community.  Network, even though I don’t particularly like that word but in truth I hope to assemble network for everyone with whom I connect.  Any sales person should do that, to my estimation.