6/26/30, Day 18.

Tuesday.  Time for some Tuesday truth.  Things need to change in my routine.  When I go to bed, when I wake up… how I workout.  Everything.

Putting self in fast for purposes of concentration.  Ignoring all the kid noises around me.  Sipping coffee.  Re-organizing monies.  Re-organizing how I’m organized.  7:43 now.  Writing till about 7:55.  Post entry, then dive into AE universe.  Going to be on phone more today.  Have to.  Feel like I’m too old to be feeling like this, to be in this position, to be in this corner.  Should have my own office by now.  Maybe this is the office.  

Take a breath, Mom would tell me.  Doing so.  And seeing more opportunity in this corner.  I don’t need an office.  At 12, going for run.  Forecasted 73 degrees.  Going to go for an hour.  My usual route, with some modify at the end.

Coffee is perfect temp, and I start to settle.  Begin my calm.  Just threw on some clothes, will change in a bit to get more in mood and mode of an AE.  Starting over in terms of prospecting and lead follow-up.  Two targeted calls, the cabinetry place in San Rafael, and the recent lead in Oakland for Hosted Voice.

Was watching Indiana Jones, Raiders, last night.  The idea of adventure encircled me.  Spoke to me and showed how attainable it is.  Then I thought about a shirt my son used to wear when he was younger that read something like “Everyday is an Adventure”, adventure being purposely capitalized.

7:53.  Heading to AE thoughts and movements now.  Stay on the phone, I tell myself.  Act like covid isn’t happening while showing the sensitivity that it indeed is.