Needing quiet.  That’s my objective for the day.  The only thing for which I aim.

Loud from cartoon noises.  Need a trip.  Anywhere.

Beginning new workout pattern today, diminishing running and putting more emphasis on weights, holding poses or positions like when you go down for a pushup and hold it, come up or go down slow.

Difference…. Difference…..  Logging expenses from yesterday.  Moving money around for blogging projects and moves this next week.

Quiet, you find it in early, early morning.  The god hour, 4am.  Or after everyone’s asleep, here 9:30, 10, 11.  There is no quiet currently.  There can’t be.

Coffee sip, breathe slow, cut my fixation in and on and about time.  Looking more into Coelho’s book.  The desire to stay, in one place, forever.  That place for me, me putting myself back there now… Paris.  Told some people recently that my one “burning desire”, cliché language I had to use, was to have an apartment in Paris where I could escape to for a couple weeks a year to write.  As this new journal ends, my steps to that front door initiate.

Kids with dry cereal in bowl, cartoon explosions and music, chewing…..  Want a sound void.  Deafness.  Kids call me in for orange juice and more dry cereal, playing GoFish on the floor.  Finally, a bit of time assured of no bother.  7:42, the whole day yet to precipitate.

Still hard to understand that I had my hair cut yesterday.  I keep forgetting, then self-remind when scratch the back or side of my head.  I’m not waiting for SIP to end.  Getting in car, and driving to Marin.  Driving around Marin.  Have to shove things back into more REAL normalcy.  Even the Director Mark suggested I get a company car and just drive around territory.  I have to.  For sanity, yes, but more for sense of everything.  Of SELF.