6/7/20 – Day 9 – Busy morning with kids.  Keep them occupied with a movie.  Fuck it, I say to myself.  Forgot to charge new laptop, so I do that now while writing.  Last night’s Pinot, from Buena Vista… will write about it more later, but she commanded more of me.  More music from everything I do.  More in the projects at work, wake earlier, do more with this life she ordered.  Still orders.  Bottle over there empty and not from me finishing it, but actually pouring a bit more than a glass left in bottle to drain.  I knew she didn’t want to be speak the next night, tonight, as she did last.

Spotify up and running on this device.  Good …. More music writing, writing to music.  Going to buy a podcast mic, possible… record ideas and readings, “lectures”, other projects.

Going to wake at 4 tomorrow morning.  Alarm set.  All writing.  Workout toward EOD, or at lunch.  45 min on bike, then some weights.  Never thought I’d say, but I’m getting tired of running.  And the lower back pain is just fucking annoying.  Fasting till noon, then will do bike, then weights.

Money arranged and set.  Looking for other projects for the day.  Well, shave… need do that.  Was supposed to yesterday even writing it down as an aim for day but didn’t get to it.

My startup and business life starts and re-starts with this new laptop.  Thanks to my dad… someone who has always not only encouraged me to do what I want and chase my aims but told me, plainly, “Then do it.” I remember one time years ago telling him I want to write something that sells, think I was talking about a screenplay, and he said directly “Then write something.” That’s what I’m doing, here, even with the noise from the kids’ movie, and all I have in my thoughts.. 41, have to do something, something mammoth and climatic, climate-changing. 

Back from a quick dash to Starbucks for Melissa.  Emma with something in her hair, I think from the beach yesterday, possibly, taking a bath but resisting her mother.  Jack watching a movie, lazy Sunday so permitted.

Listening to music in car to and from sbux.  Want more music, make my own as well as possibly, I don’t know…. DJ, or write on music.  Definitely make my own.  Wrote a poem, new collection for this new laptop, for the business somehow.

Not even 10.  What am I doing for day’s remainder…. Looking on Amazon at music equipment.  That can’t be good.  Don’t worry, I’m not pulling any triggers, on anything.  Even the birthday present I had set for self of the running shoes and 15-pound weights.

Two more hours left in fast.  Well, 2 hours and 1 minute.  What will get me closer to my apartment in Paris, my office.  What moves, made today, specifically.   Writing music, about music….. Listening to Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison driving home, now singing certain lines and Jack repeating.  Emphasis of music and its place in my place, my being and Personhood.

10:03: Feel like it’s 12 or 2-something.  Would love to go wine tasting, but everything is still in shift, in adjustment period.  Everything just opened yesterday.  Need that zen… drive, music.