8:38.  Flight sent, as well as times for the last two weeks and expenses, which were none.  And time sheet isn’t a typical timesheet, just make changes if you took a day off, or something to that tune.  Otherwise you just submit.  It’s nice frankly, as I’m tired of clocking in and out of anything anymore in my life.

Slept in, but I’m moving.  Hoping to get one contract in, or two actually for same prospect.  Dragging their feet, for some reason.   This month I’m going to make into something mammoth.  More running, more writing, more calling and connecting.  SIP still in place but I’m not letting that stop me, and I’m not going to let other AEs catch me.

Idea, for networking… writing it down.

Jack in kitchen, working on a learning program focusing on sentences and idioms, filling in blanks, the like.

Second coffee.  Only one more K-cup after this remains.  Will go to store, at some point.  Maybe not today, as I want to stay in the chair and make this month what I see it being and only leaving except for dad to-do’s and the run I plan on doing around noon.

Between 12 and 1, it’ll be between 72 & 75 degrees.  Perfect running temps.  Will need a break from house and all these learning program app sounds by then–  Major firefight with the two.

Quarantine getting to me already today.  Can get out to street, and I keep saying that to myself which doesn’t help.  Kids fighting, complaining about everything (even going for a walk, as Jackie is now).  Miss when I could be in the Starbucks on 4th in San Rafael, taking calls, making notes, walking around to businesses, going to chamber events….  My mood is decaying….  I stop and solve it with PRODUCTION.