this morning

May go work at coLAB, if I can.  Just for a couple hours.

I’m going to look everywhere I can for this last sale, and if I don’t get it then….. I don’t know.  Don’t want to think like that.  At the very least, I’m going to plan for next month.  Go more virtual, with my initial meetings and first conversations, get-to-know’s…. use the CommPortal and Accession.  Use more of the technology that I have available.

Have to take myself out of this mood, and Anna and I talked about this over the phone yesterday, about mental health during this time.  It was also broached  during the leads group meeting when a member told us he went to get a burger at a restaurant and sat outside, saying it was the best burger he’d had in recent memory, if not ever, ever.  He said there was a therapeutic thorw and angle to the burger.  I can imagine.

No one awake yet, but I know that’s to change.

Send flight plan to director, and GO I tell self.

Checking phone, 70 degrees at 1.  Perfect running temp.  Today no evade.

More poetry for day as well.

This quiet is odd, even more consuming and easing, entrancing than yesterday’s.  Was it yesterday? Get grades in by midnight.  Last time I’ll be doing this for a while.  Thinking, EVER.  I need to focus on my business, and everything in tech, with blogging, getting some estimates out there….