7:17am.  Haven’t heard the house this quiet in some time.

Leads meeting soon.  Coffee.  Even these key pushes roar through and shake the house I feel.

7:29, pretty sure we start at 7:45.  Cooler this morning, outside and now in leaving the windows open for natural air and saving money on power.

Tomorrow, birthday.  Need a run early tomorrow as I did yesterday.  Put all out for a run this morning, but I needed the rest I guess.

Zen… collection this morning.  Overcast of something, thin cloud layers.  Crows, several of them it sounds like celebrating the cooler atmosphere and streets, branches, whatever they grab.

Waking slow.  But awake.  Sipping coffee slow but at a pace that teaches me about the day and what I’m doing in this corner.  A crow walks by as I arbitrarily turn right to see the street.

Zin tasting last night has me more into Zinfandel that I have been, I think ever.  How much Zin do I want in the shop….. don’t think about it, or yes think about it.  I will, and I know where to buy from.  St. Francis of course, but also…. Well, I don’t want to say.  Don’t want to commit.  I’m like Santiago just starting his journey, resting before the next day where my herd and I lead each other to something.