A Director


7:59.  In a mood to produce, and build business.  Not to sell, but be more on an admin and collective contour.  4-shot latte acquired, budget and financial framing for week done.  Starting to be my pattern, or not pattern but integral in my daily business practice, to do finances first.  This started to take shape over the last week, right before prospecting see where the money is.

Cleaning office corner, clearing out backpack only to get something in it.  Fearing, and yes… FEARING, that SIP may be over soon.  Last thing I want is to be ill-prepped for such.  And I won’t be.  Put papers graded in garage or in closet, somewhere… or in storage unit next time I head there.  I’m thinking about this far too much, I see.  Another thought from run yesterday, the sign I’ll have in the Bottledaux office – ‘Thinking: NO [….] Create: YES – Movement: YES!!!’

What I’m doing, since waking early and taking shower, getting in that shitty Prius and driving to the Hopper sbux.

Both kids downstairs with me, in other room, watching a kids show.  Trying ot cut back on their screentime but it’s Saturday and when I was a kid I was allowed Saturday morning cartoons.  Now I see why.  Keeps them enveloped and entranced for a bit, so you the parent can work, have some collection time.  Actually do something for you.