9:42, running.  All I can think about.  So many in the leads group saying I inspire them to run but I feel more than unworthy of the remarks.  My last run, 8.5 miles, on Sunday.  4 days ago.  Unacceptable, in my head.  So…. Whenever I can, 5 mile, MINIMUM, today. Or, try for an hour run.. follow my counsel to a new friend trying to get into running… slow… don’t worry about speed, distance, pace, anything.  And, WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING.

Would love to go now but I still need to fix the babies their breakfast.

One of my leads is already taken by another AE, and has our services..  This happens, but is precisely what shoves someone to have their own tone and presence, product or service, what be.

Back to drawing board.  Going to stay there a while…