Some stain on my sleeve, the right, toward the wrist.  Where the fuck did that come from?  Looks like milk, or sauce of some type.  This is a dad symptom. I know… recorded quite a bit of kid activity today, them acting crazy as always and the way Jack just sloppily records on the tablet my mother bought him has me motivated to do more candid and truthful and present everything… writing, photog, video… reminds me of the time I was at a bar in Kenwood years ago with Dav where he took a picture of my arm reaching for a Sculpin IPA that I just ordered.  He didn’t adjust the lighting, the framing, shot size, anything.  It was just an immediate and truthful appreciation of us having a beer together.  I didn’t even see him take the shot.  He showed me less than a minute after.  Haven’t thought about that in a while, but Jack’s filming and documentarian ways today has me in a different reflective ray.