Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.


Emma wanting me to get her jacket in her room, Jack working on some learning program but I can tell he’s already bored the way he hits the keyboard.  Want to get in a short run today, or 50 minutes of running.

Sipping coffee.  Want to clean desk.  Recent invasion of my office space an kidnapping of my old Apple laptop is cause for acceleration to my blogging business.  Need my own office.  Making an aims list today.  In one moment…

First get kids settled… Emma with her jacket, Jack with whatever, and cereal for the two of them.

No spend day, today.  What I would spend for coffee and lunch, or lunch and dinner, or just dinner, put in envelope or savings.  For the office.

Clean this laptop as well…  too much on desktop.

Allergies hitting me this morning, tilting my mood toward the nay-say nod and bob.

Started cleaning laptop.  Now the office itself.  Good, got rid of that beer can, from Moonlight, and the sparkling water.

Going hour by hour.  I’m an Account Executive I tell myself.. for ME, how I market ME.  Won’t post too much detail here on blog.  Don’t need to.  Keeping self moving.. sent two emails already.  Need to send one more.

Go everywhere, especially outside territory, outside the box as it were.  That’s what many in business don’t do, many wineries in my experience, and that’s why they don’t survive… never prospecting for new business and discriminating against buyers and purchase histories.  Like the person who walks into the TR looking like everyone else, or just not flashy or gaudy, approaches the bar and is given attitude, like he won’t buy a lot.  He sticks it out and ends up buying a couple cases of higher price-point bottles.  Same with what I’m doing…. Don’t dismiss businesses that are outside the print or territory, and don’t pass SMB.  At the least, go in and say hi.