Not letting myself have any feeling or emotion, mood other than to write.  Find comedy in everything…. The zoom meeting Melissa’s on, the teachers, talking louder than loud.  Why do they talk so loud.  Why are they so giddy and investigative so early.  Then the audio goes out… shit, they’re back again. 

I erased the first couple lines of a short story here on the laptop.  Someone new to the wine industry, and in the tasting room, looking for a couple cases of Zin.  Maybe the third piece to submit to my writer friend.  Yes.  Maybe.

Letting my head go everywhere…. With the essays, with the notes, journal entries… what people around me are talking about.  One of the teachers talking about attendance.  How do you do that during this, this SIP, and over Zoom?  And I think I just heard the lady talking say that if a kid falls asleep during class THAT counts as attendance…?  Did I hear that right?  I’ve heard teachers complain about kids seeming entitled… well…….

200+ words for the Zin story.  Now Syrah story, or Syrah blend, then I had the asshole manager correct the character saying there’s only 20% Syrah in the blend or something.

The teachers continue to talk.  Their passion and precision I find fascinating, and admirable.  They all strategize, and exchange ideas… no containment, the only objective is the student and the student’s experience and welfare.

French word for day, or phrase I guess… soi-disant: self-styled, calling oneself thus.

Watch French YouTube clips today…. Listen to French music.  I must be fluent by birthday.  Must.  Going o be 41.  Scared, or not.. more fearless.  I mean, what can I do.