Nap not that successful.  Not sure I slept at all.  Double cup of coffee, now.  What do I do throughout the day?  Notes…. Tonight, I HAVE TO work.

Get letters out, finish short piece.

Notes.  Too hot for a run.  Maybe use weights…. Quarantine not so much getting to me today, but I’m noticing it.  I can’t go tasting while everyone else is at a birthday party or on some playdate.  I can’t get an extra hours at winery, in the tasting room.  Am I just noticing quarantine right now?  Today?  Tempted to buy books but I have two here on the desk I need to read.  Don’t want to be one of those people that goes broke during this time just on Amazon, buying shit…. Don’t want to overeat, and certainly not over-sip (a mimosa sounds amazing right now though, but no…. Mikey, NO!), under-exercise.

Kids saying yesterday they wished we had a pool.  Me too.  It’s on the list for the house, in this little book.  Wishing and wishing, during this incarceration…..

Thought of something, something I was thinking of before the attempted nap… SHIT… write it, quick!!