Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay Starved

4/13/20, Monday

Nearly the middle of the month.  OR, it is the middle of the month.  Just keep moving I tell myself.  Kids are up already and working on their educational programs.  Emailed director, and the day is off.  Emma calls Jackie in saying she did something wrong.  Jackie offers to help her and does, then offers to put on his headphones so it’s better for me.  I respond that would be nice, and I think that it’d be easier for him as well.  He helps Emmie again, then goes upstairs to get his headphones.

7:44am, earlier.  Of course not the hour I want.  Thought as soon as I woke about doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Tonight after class, staying in this chair, wine or not.  No watching the news or any documentary.  Netflix is the devil.  Only reason I don’t cancel it, wife and babies.  They have shows they take to, and enjoy from time to time.  And int his SIP order, it helps distract, quiet the house.

Journal at left.  Workshop and open mic tonight in class.  How many meetings do I have left?  Think like six, maybe seven counting the final meeting?  Six counting the final….  Need to lay out the entire semester, what remains for students.  Final paper will be on reading experience, 6-8 pages on their reading experience this semester.  Of course they’ll mention covid, and being kept in home, but I want them to focus on SELF.  Makes me think of my writings… and how I need to focus MORE on self.

Sent notes from phone to Sonic email.  Starts with someone at Oliver’s saying gold nuggets are more like mangos than other fruit.  1, I didn’t know that, and 2 what in blazing saddles is a gold nugget?  Middle of the month and if the order is to be lifted May 3rd or whatever I need to write more… hit 3000 words a day, and consistently.  Wake at 4, get 2000 out of the way, the do a thousand during the actual day.

Can hear Jack counting to himself behind me, at his desk.  Easter candy and other bits all about couch.  Heard from a Sonic friend that another Sonic friend was furloughed.  Know that could happen to me.  OR, I have to think like it could.  Write for my life, living for the writing… writing about wine… more jokes, more weird illustrations of wines I taste (like the three I posted to the vinovinevin blog yesterday).  Keeping wine as my topic, this quarantine teaches.

May be in 70s in early afternoon.  Good time to run.  Sweat more, sweat out any angst… stay healthy, in running shape.  Allergies hitting me a bit this morning, know that’s from yesterday’s walk and I should forecast more on any run I do today.

Jackie making a beat with his mouth.  Nearly tell him to stop but I find myself getting taken and bobbing my head to his beat so say nothing.  Quarantine symptom, has to be… making your own beats with your math.  He does it again then says to himself, “I’m gonna check this off my list ‘cause I already did it now I’m gonna….” Couldn’t interpret the rest.