10:06.  Couple leads coming in.  Following up on old leads, not hearing anything.  A bit quiet, quickly.  No emails to send… thinking of looking at other leads groups and chapters of BNI.  GODDAMNIT, why didn’t I wake earlier?

Thinking about my wine quarter…..  Need to learn graphic design, and web design.  And, in a hurry.  Or maybe I don’t.  And, frankly… don’t think I have time.  Sorry.  My head’s everywhere.  Want a latte, then don’t.  How about, DON’T.  Save every penny I can.  Putting $10 of the $50 got back from Oliver’s teller, putting in envelope.

Almost 13 hours into fast.  Ready for my run.  Shorts and shirt.  Which shoes to use… think the red.  Need new pair soon.  Need to put something together for newsletter, some messaging…. More communication. 

Just posted a question and prompt, more an invitation really, on LinkedIn.  Hoping to exchange some ideas on productivity and efficiency, collaborate with existing and new connections, possibly make new contacts, new GENUINE relationships from my prompts.

Kids playing outside.  Temp nearly at 60.  Want a couple more degrees.  Kids on scooters, scooting by.

Put $10 in envelop finally.  Bringing total to $180.  Which won’t even pay for the liquor license application fee, I don’t think.  It’s something.  Speaking of… Nevermind.  Had a K&L thought, but  I have to put it on backburner.  Trying to recover yesterday, all from memory.  Hearing thunder in distance and seeing that cloud come closer… then rain, and HARD rain.  Jackie seeing a lightning bolt before the downpour, telling me he saw one and that was only the second actual bolt he’d ever seen.

61 degrees.  Want a little more, if I can.  Will wait till after 12.