Funny, I’m not hungry.  So I say at the desk after a Zoom-like meeting, and plug away.  Getting tired of prospecting, so I shift gears a bit.  Go into research mode.  Keeping self in Marin County, and a little in Berkeley.  Also, just enjoying note-taking… single words, like read, and simple, and move, sky, wine, call….  Just taking notes.  Looking forward to class tonight, and have it be even more free and freeing than the last Wednesday meeting on the blog.

More notes, I remind myself.  Stay away from longer sentences, paragraphs, even essays (and I’m an essayist, one trying to be a more devout essayist.

Kids out on bike ride/walk with Mom.

Me, wondering what I do now.

I’m prospecting, emailing, calling.  Actually have a call in 19 minutes…

Still not hungry.

Essay for tonight, or tomorrow morning, if I can… on Quarantine.  What is it… why am I fond of it.. what’s the challenge or boon to?

Wanting a glass of wine.  No joke.  But I don’t sip this early.  1:46pm at the moment.  Have to take notes for tonight’s Wine Business DTC chat.  Yes, over Zoom.  “Is it gonna be another ‘ZOOM’ [said in a very sarcastic, mocking and annoyed key] meeting?” Jack asked.  Told him yes.  Think he’s getting tired of hearing that word, zoom.

A little hungry, but not really.  Sort of alarming to me, really.

Lower back still hurts from running yesterday.  Need diversify my workout and fitness habits.

Only working on wine blog and wine business ideas tonight.  Post on the Westwood Counoise and Roussanne.  Each 150 words rather than 300.  Starting to think 300 is too much.

Saw a doc earlier on Oregon wines and now I want to purchase from there, from my K&L account.  Won’t though… have to get through this K&L shipment.