Covid Conviction and Composition, notes ……..

4/9/20, Thursday


Leads meeting over the phone today.  Documenting everything, and I always say that but I don’t want the days to blend together as they are for some people, including myself a couple instances a few days ago.  The talk I gave last night for the wine class taught by my friend Liz, at SSU, has me in wine and writing mode.  ALL, writing and written mode and mood.  This, what this quarantine is doing, among other beneficial boons and boost, is making me further convinced of what I’m doing, where I am, the WHY to both.  Typing fast now as I’ve made some coffee, and not tired as I was when first up after being up a bit late from writing the paragraphs on Westwood Wines and other notes being taken.

Kids upstairs, a bit crazed, but contained and placid for now.  I could see someone seeing the covid thing as a force majeure, but for me it’s antagonizing.  Teaching self to work harder and more terrifically in my chair, here in the corner, desk and phone, multiple journals.  The wine last night, blend of some kind…. Checked out wines this morning while shopping for eggs just pulling the AA dozen from cooled shelf.  My winery, building the business, prospecting for business no but learning more about people and why they like certain wines… then taking the wine out of it completely, what they do for a living and what they want in the future.

Hearing wife teach by way of zoom, and she sounds like nothing has changed.  She’s into her role and talk as a teacher.  We should ALL do that.   Posted the other day that this IS hard, and that I get it, but ultimately the interpretation is up to us.  The interruption can be an interruption or a chosen direction for more creative and conviction.  Here in home I’ve found another home, ideologically…. For aims in what I do as an Account Executive, and otherwise.  Keeping me wise in other regards aside from technology, wine, or even writing.  LIFE, being alive here at the desk and staying contained and in loving bewilderment of where the day takes me.

These are just notes.  A bit extensive or elasticized, exhaustive, but what can I do.  This is what I do…. I am a character wrapped in adoration of movement.  Making me not special, or above anyone or anything, just who I am.  MY identity.  Wish I could share this more tangibly and immediate to anyone feeling like the days are blending together, or in a crippled or hurt ebb.  I can’t.  I can just share these notes, what I’m doing.

I have no outline for the day, no plan, just an allegiance to movement.  To MY beat…. Growth and transactions will transpire.  For now, just a hold on ideas, and prospecting in my own thinking for new communication inward and outward… new possibilities and ideas, new notes while not in quarantine but in lively and creative incubation.  Connected to the Now, and that’s how I write the day and they contribute to what I put to page, what I do and see and compose.  Realization, understanding, noted.