3/24/20, Tuesday.

Is it Tuesday?


Just finished editing JPR.  Sent it to management, or HR.  Have to get out of house.  Raining outside still, I think.  Doing more of this objective analysis or furthered consideration of self is showing me something this morning.  That’s what the JPR is…. Job Performance Review.

Pack bag, and pack light.  Work at coLAB for a couple hours.  Then bring lunch home for family.  No, there’s stuff here.  Save money, I keep telling self.  What did I buy yesterday….  Groceries, and a bottle of Whitehall Lane Cab, 2016, Napa Valley that I wanted to try.  That yes was a bit price-high, but I reasoned it as writing material… an article, which of course I haven’t yet started.

Thinking about the blocks thinking provides.  Thinking about category, and length, how to write and what direction to take a project.  All that impedes.  Last night working a bit on phone, posting a couple bits of narrative, staying up later than I wanted, I saw the lesson and peril to thinking in a more realized radiance than I ever have prior.  So today, logging my lack of thought, and embrace of whim-spun action and creative.  From my home office, in the quarantined corner.

Jack making another visual with those “pearler beads” I think they’re called.  Nothing obstructing his mood or movement.  He just goes.  Hits the runway and flies.  I need to be at the LAB, I tell self.  Go get dressed, writer.  Then drive there.  Treat yourself to a coffee, I mean LATTE.


9:23.  Breakfast for wife and I, me a latte, breakfast sandwiches for babies and I’m at desk.  Not writing aims for day, but rather will log everything that’s done rather than to-be-done.

Sent estimate to potential new client.  Now time to prospect.  Where do I start?  Novato… everything in Novato and San Rafael invites.

Can hear kids getting restless already in other room.  Quarantine… wrote earlier there’s more to glean.  Like what… what I always emphasize and remind students of, myself as well.  Magic in the Meta, where you are and what you’re doing.

10:55am – After Jackie having a bit of a mood crumble and avalanche, I’m finally back at the desk.  Not even thinking prospect or prospecting anymore.  Starting to become annoyed with both those terms, frankly.  Just hoping to start conversations, and let them develop and evolve naturally.

The quarantine is staring to shape my head and thinking pattern a bit..  Need to set aims, I’m thinking now… first, one poem.  Then another, another…. Go check in on Emma, and little Kerouac.  Designing day, new architecture and production climate –

By Noon, three poems.

By 1pm, ten new businesses found (in addition to what I’ve already graphed).

By 2, writing new notes in journal.

By 3, all letters to other AEs done.

By 4, plan tomorrow hour to hour.

By 5, office-clean done.