3/25/20, Wednesday.


Kids are especially crazy this morning.  Already telling them multiple times to be quiet, stop doing something, that no I can’t just be pulled away from work to do those pearler bead things, iron them so they congeal and make a coherent and together being.

Sent contract, now looking for vendors.  Today is vendor day.  Looking for anyone I can to be part of the agency I’m building.  News letter, have to start that as well.

Need more coffee.  May work offsite, but just in car.  The kids are what make this a bit challenging.  Why, ‘cause I want to be with them, play, not remember that I’m trapped here, told not to go outside because of some goddamn thing.  Said that yesterday and today would be no-spend days but of course that didn’t survive, that aim.  Just drink home coffee, I tell self.

Prospect viewed contract, Docusign told me.  Now he just needs to SIGN.  When that contract comes in, my mood will elevate.  The kids play loudly and not worried about distracting me.  I envy them.  I need implement that attitude into business… no fear of mistakes, no self-doubting.