Distracted, pulled away from notes. 

But willingly.  Speaking with old friend Caleb, from Field Sales.  Now the FS Supervisor.  We talked about having outside vendors, or companies, speaking your company.  How they have a hard time doing so as they’re so fixated and focused on metrics.  Caleb spoke on his value of personal connection, something he and I have discussed dozens if not hundreds of times when in the Field together.  Taking notes for self, for next week, completely de-emphasize the company, much I love it and am eager to speak it.  Tell my story more.. why I’m here.  We should all do this and with written intention.  Yes, actually write it.  Keep more than a journal, but your life.  To page.

Yawning, coffee effect fading.  What to do with rest of day.  There was, is, a wine event up the street from home I wanted to check out.  Told it was free.  Why not.

Concentration corroding, leaving me. Keep writing I tell myself.  Want to put together some plan for waking early.  I mean, EARLY.  Want that to be my “brand”, or a domination dimension to it.  Obviously don’t watch a movie like I did last night, one that gave me a slight nightmare.  The Ring… hadn’t seen it fully since my friend Trinity went to see it in my San Ramon days.  I remember saying I wanted to leave the theatre and she said NO.  Told me to stay and enjoy watch the film, see the techniques in the colors and scene shifts.

Little rain on the way over, none now.  I’m blank, not able to think or write even though I very much am writing. Is this “productivity” if I’m writing about not being as productive as I’d hoped?  I’ll stop by the wine thing, see how fun or just like the others it is.  I imagine the latter, honestly.  OR, head to Healdsburg to get a haircut, taste up there?  Take self to lunch?  No, have to stop that.  Save for the business.  See?….  Now I’m distracting myself.  FOCUS.  Frame self in production.