Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED


In the Sonic office.  Staying in character, in more than a few ways, more than a dozen ways I’m sure.  Latte, four shots, and I’m here to produce.  Keeping track of actual and itemized production while here.  This bLoggerratik idea is speaking to me… on the startup ideology and tangibility.  Operating on zero budget… just the name and the words, the ideas entailed therein, of, about and from.

Distilling my ambitions this morning—Or not “distilling”, hate that word and when people use it like that, but deconstructing and blending down to one singular pulse, an isolated and individualized beat.  Essays.  I’m always writing, I realize.. always looking for new and drawing new architecture for my story rather than celebrating and utilizing more properly what I have.  Walked into a business yesterday with which I’ve been communicating recently.  Only to drop off a bottle of Benovia’s Rose, to say hi.  That’s it. One of the owners at here desk apologized for not getting back to me on the estimate I sent.  “We’re working on like fifty jobs right now… we’re so crazy busy…” I gently interrupted or interjected and told her that’s great, that’s what I want… I want to see them so busy they don’t have a chance to get back to me right away.  That’s why I’m here, I told her.  She thanked me and I wished them all a great weekend, and while walking back to that shitty Prius I thought, “I want that.” I also understood, and more sharply and loudly understand that this morning I already have everything I need to have that.  To be booked for blogging consults, or content creation.

This morning, listening to music on way over and seeing my office, then getting to this office and wondering how similar they are.  Quite.  There are differences, but I see the same creative intention and maneuverability manifesting itself in strong forms, emboldening people working in ‘the atik’.  I had this atik idea while driving yesterday… from home to Balletto, where I had to pick up some wine for my Sales Engineer.  All days, vow to self to keep moving.  Write everything down, blog everything, capture all scenes, stages, sights.

Every sight.  This pen, the chord from laptop to phone, charging…. The latte cup, empty.  This journal upon which my right elbow stations, then the legal pad to left that I haven’t touched since I sat here.  The wine I tasted and had a glass of last night… Alex, the girl who provided the hospitality at Steele & Hops last night for Ditter and I….  Everything is a contributor, everything serves the functionality of sight, ALWAYS.  There is no arbitrary, there is nothing to be dismissed.  Nothing lacks significance.  Always.. there’s always something to use, to massage into your aims, your sight, what you dream of and you see as just some far-fetched set.  It’s already present, the recipe, you just have to discover it.  OR, just write it.