Prospecting from laptop.  At coLAB. Didn’t want to go back to the office.  I’ll get new badge on Monday, I tell myself.  The one that reads Account Executive rather than Associate AE.  Walked around San Rafael, got idea to explore Larkspur Landing, but I don’t know if I’ll do that next week.  My head everywhere currently.  What do I do next, what do I target in verticals…. How do I make conversation more consistent…. Why is it so fucking cold in this room?

Organized times on calendar for next week, even tomorrow waking early to run around neighborhood.  No more treadmill after last run in Rohnert Park.  I don’t know… something about that belt, and the people around me, even the attractive femmes, unsettling me.  The locker, having to get changed in a hurry considering I am working technically…. Too much added stress, not to mention overhead….

Notice the jumping back and forth between projects. I can’t help it, honestly.  I want to deal strictly with tech companies, startups, creative marketing and other business with a prominent technological extent to all-operations.

Turning this, the AE story and how I prospect into a startup, I decide….  What to call it.