Working at coLAB.

Following up on today’s walk around Berkeley, various people met, and certain leads.  Didn’t get to follow up on everything, but close enough.  Now have more leads than most could manage, I feel.  Keeping my tempo and vocals at a BPM which makes me more apt to touch everything.

Knowing my sales Now, which isn’t sales-toned or tuned… wonder why I keep saying that.  This is life, and business, but more life, and people not wanting to stress.  Be happy.  Be successful.

Consolidating.  Of course.  Sonic assures and reassures that.  That all tech, internet and phone and whatever else is under one roof, in one hand… and that they don’t have to worry about it.  And, me, as an AE, taking this away from tech.  And even away from Sonic, to a degree.  It’s the person, the narrative of their business, and the story created when we meet.  Like a new customer recently said to me, when we met for the first time, “Price is easy to understand, what else is there?” Something to that effect and tune, echo and talk.

People will say “sell yourself”.  I say don’t sell at all.  Meet people, go for a walk around the neighborhood, your “territory”, and enjoy your day.  A-B-C.  “Always be closing.” Some say.  Me, “About Building Community”.

Need to nearly leave, for class.  No idea what I plan to talk about, specifically.  Carrying this momentum with me to campus, to the classroom.  Start with them, with their days, narrate…. Not so much sell, but share your reality and story… make us listen… what grabs our attention, etc.

Start with writing… writing freely.  Today, a bit, I felt not so much nervous but asking myself how I’m going to speak Sonic, what I’d say to someone meeting them for the first time.  Then I said, FUCK IT.  Just say hi, ask them their name, get them talking.  CONVERSATION…. This most meteorically translates to writing.  This is all writing, I told someone who was an AE with me, or AAE, when she asked me how I stay motivated.  I told her this is all writing, and that’s where I come from.

In sales, don’t resent your roots, your past, your story.  Of course, there might be a learning Road, but no curve.  Your story should not be curved or curbed, nor should your narration…. “Hi, I’m just walking around the neighborhood, saying hi… What’s your name?” They know I’m from Sonic, with my sweater on, so there’s no need to slap them with my name and why I’m in the area, or specific intentions for being on Gillman & 9th, or 8th, in Berkeley.  Don’t be so eager to talk…. 

Yes, I am going to write something on this AE life.  I don’t know… book, another blog—fuck no—essay, story, sketches… there’s an idea, sketches.  From when I interviewed with Mark, to my first time on the street, to my first sale, my more recent ones, to now in the coLAB working offsite and out of office, Day 2.

What a fucking ride, this AE act.  Not at all an act, but the current act in my play, story, narration, print on life, take on life, ME in life…..  In love.