Sending emails, and crafting one for tomorrow, massive email campaign I’m running on my own.  More of a note than a letter.. quick and effective, not taking the reader long to read.  Writing out my business philosophy, if you could call it that, then blending with Sonic’s.  Focus on productivity, efficiency and fluidity.  Being nice of course, more approachable for existing, new, and prospective business.  I love how so many of these business “moguls” or self-anointed sages forget the basic practice of communication and humanness.  Granted, I’m still learning, but we all are.  These business geniuses provide their words and identities like they have nothing left to learn.  I’ve felt that for a while.

What to have for dinner.  Thinking Chinese.  No wine last night, so tonight I’ll open something new, something to put on vinovinevin blog project/business-in-construction.  These business cards… should spend all morning going through them.  First write email, yes… then go through them. Treat this like real estate.  Full-service more than simple listing of products, services.

My Sonic Story… now said-project.  First order, or advice to any other AE (and yes the project if for AEs, primarily, or anyone coming to the company in a high-altitude sales position), forget the services, products.  Focus on the person, on you and why you love being here, why you love doing what you’re doing.  This applies to any position, or career, really.  Seeing pulses and bodies, anatomies of thought that I didn’t before see.  Not a ‘how to succeed in business’ thought throw set, but what I need to do.  I can’t tell anyone how to conduct business, or show self as some expert.  I’m only now at my aged age seeing what works.  Much of it started in the wine world and now I’m in telecom—oh, and still an English Professor or Instructor or whatever—so there’s a new chord and tone, new music.  I know to be out of the office.  I know, now, to not stress about introductions as all you’re doing is saying hello. Don’t fucking think about your words.  Then they’re not your words, even if though by you they’re by a you that aims to prove, to recite.

Have a couple more emails to send, then heading to coLAB, where I’ll start my membership.  Hope they accept cash.  Wait, when do they close?………  They’re closed today.  First day after 1/1.  Not surprised.