Moving and not letting myself slow.

Told just a short while ago, maybe 30 minutes or so, that more leads would be pushed my way.

Took a break, now back at desk.  Back from Novato where I did some intel, no conversations but gathered information and made my presence known in the street.  Part of my 2020 list of aims.  Not “resolutions”, or even a strategy but a decided WAY.

2020 Aims are more than aims, even.  They are declarations, paragraphs in a more loud and demanding essay.  And….. ESSAYS.  All I will write.  All I can write.  Thought again about the novel, the NaNo effort I started in November, possibly even October and vowed to have done by Dec’s end.  But no.  No projects, I’m thinking… no stated projects.  Each moment and movement is an essay, is composition.

My first collection of essays, thinking of titling ‘At A Desk And Then Not’.  Even though I will always be at the desk, but in between travels.  Off on wine journeys around he world checking out castles and doing tastings at DRC-type places, collecting my notes then sharing them with customers in my shop… my shop.  Don’t know if I like that word.  ROOM…. Not “studio”, since everyone now has a fucking “studio”.  Marketing studio, creative studio, music studio… hair studio… plumber studio.

Wine for tonight, what.  What… hmmmm.. thinking a Pinot.  Have to get a couple bottles for Melissa’s family members—uncle and his now-older daughters.  Makes me feel old.  A Pinot for me, some blends for them, maybe?  Just going to see what Oliver’s has.

Started typing 2020 theses.  More to add obviously, but I can do that later.  Planning on being here till 5:30.  3:59 now, sipping the coffee slow as I’m electrified enough as it is.  Working, but not.. right now planning and measuring, but not thinking excessively.. part of MY work practice.  What I’ll be in the wine shop, writing emails to clients and occasional customers, then more descriptions on the wines for tomorrow’s flight, the package I have devoted to a weekend.  Wine will always be more than wine, just as when I’m here at Sonic doing the AE do, it’s more than that.  It IS, will be.  Movement, not halting or stopping.  Want to draw my “funnel”, but I won’t.  Find that if I write it I may be cursing it.  If it’s a true plan, it’s your character, your current current and embodiment, walk and speak and sight.

Alone in the yard.  Thinking of opening that beer I have in the fridge, but resisting.  OH, speaking of breweries…. That brewery on Mission.  Need to contact the owner.

Don’t slow, try not to get distracted but if you do then you do.  A consequence and determined ingredient of one having elevated drive.  In the tasting room you can’t be sluggish, always needing to see everything walking in. Me now.  Wine… writing… the blogs… business… staying creative. Not thinking.  That’s the barrier, the slower, the anesthesia to everything.  Even if in the end-result you have something of favor, the time you are thinking you are not producing like you’d be if you were SOLELY producing.

Never stop.  Keep YOUR beat.  Be hungry and tireless and stubborn, devoted to your delicious direction.