You don’t want to make new year’s reso’s, but you do. I do. Even if you don’t, you do.

Without knowing it.  You see the new year approaching and you’re like, “This is going to be different” Or, “This is going to be the year.  THE year, where everything happens.” What we, you and I, many, don’t do as often as they should is write the HOW.  How is this going to materialize and actualize.

New Year… great if you have the list, the whats.  Don’t forget the HOWs.  Those are where the bridges and gems, where the education is.  And guess what, YOU’RE THE AUTHOR OF IT ALL.

Resolutions… no.  How about RESOLVE.  For this new year and all the years after.  How about for right now, before 2020 lands.

Decide that.