Certain things in this AE position and life being unlocked.

More than a position it’s a purpose, same way when someone calls Sonic a boutique ISP or internet company I respond with ARTISANAL.  So what’s being revealed, or shown, taught to this writer today?  Hard to singularize, but part of it IS to singularize… to write more about Sonic, study the company all over again like when I first started.  To write more letters and emails… to get out of the office. To take Sonic away from Sonic.  Not in any underhanded or devious, cunning or villainous way, but to truly make it my own.  Have I been doing that so far?  Yes… but it could be intensified.  It will be.

Can’t remember where I am in this new 100 days stance, but…..  The rest of it is for Sonic’s story, and my AE book, being an AE is not at ALL being an AE for anything but yourself.  Writing about what it is, not so much the job but the psychological myriad and makeup.  Another lesson from the day, and I’ve thought this before, but prospecting is NOT to be prospecting.  Say hi, introduce yourself, give a card, and talk.  Enjoy the conversations… something I stressed as the Field Sales Supervisor here but didn’t practice to the equaling extent.

3:01… rest of day, more conversations, more notes.  MY 300 words.  And, attitude… attitude is absolutely a determiner in what happens to you in your business. This is a bumpersticker, I know.  A plaque or some fucking motivational or inspirational, or connective phrasing you’d see in a meme.  Today reiterates and further punctuates the know of the Now.

Need to get an appointment set for either next week or for first week of 2020.  I don’t feel pressured by self, or like if I don’t then I’ve done something wrong.  Nothing like that.  Just an aim for the remaining minutes of 12/20.

Here typing in breakroom, one person playing pinball then stopped, another walking through from door that leads to outside says hi to me then goes into warehouse.  Alone.  Bit of momentary quiet.  My other businesses, this blog and the others.. how to prospect with them, or use them to book talks and lectures, something and anything.  Haven’t heard back from the guy I met with the other day.  Patience, I know.