Just got off the phone with a guy giving me a hard time ‘cause I missed a meeting.  Of course my first impulse, to self-scold.  But then I snap out of it.  I didn’t write it down.  OR, I DID, just didn’t put it on calendar.  Not letting it bother me at all.  And I’m telling the truth.  This guy, some flibbertigibbet of a man, needed to be heard.  He seized upon my apology call as a call to rejoice in refusing another meeting.  And good for him.  And, I do deserve it.  The point of this note is that I’m not permitting a mistake to permeate and pollute my day.

Resolution, or not “resolution” like a New Year’s but a new practice: LITTLE TO NO PAPER.

Leaving office soon, off to meeting in Healdsburg to expand the collective conversation.  Happiness is always found in motion, in narration, in story.. 3000 words to the day, have that had and in place and with mellifluous mode.  I’m convinced that if you want something and you write 3000 words a day on that singular ‘something’, you’ll get it.  Yesterday on the run I thought that this run will get me…. And I started listing realities, actual scenes and then true forms, physical and felt.