Happiness sentence written.

Get here and things are already off.  Calls starting at 9, as with all Fridays.  So….  Listening to people talk and thinking money in my head, budgeting for my business and other projects, xmas gifts I haven’t yet retrieved.  Today’s work, a series of happiness sentences and u-sentences, notes to me that I share with whomever.

People around me, only a select some, stressing about the essential anatomy of their position.  I don’t blame them.  Some days are like that.  Some days are like that for me, then others like this where.  Someone in NOC tells me the first trick to being in Enterprise, an AE, is to drink lots of coffee.  I laugh a little, “My man.” I say to him.  Then back to typing.

IDEA:  This morning it came to me… write an essay, one standalone, everyday until the semester starts (Spring ’20).  Share with students, read to them.  Write with them in mind… have it applicable to what I do here.  Checking schedule and more ideas, more thoughts of how to ‘take this to the next level’ as Mark said yesterday in the meeting that I called.  One thought, get out of this bloody office.  Have everything on phone and laptop.  Need to meet as many people as possible and – going to write in journal, not here.  This blog is about work, yes, I know, but some aspects and approaches leave in separate province.

Everyone out of the barnyard here.  Zen and collection for me.  Latte almost done… how the fuck–  Maybe Cameron’s right, I DO need more coffee.  Do I?  How about resisting the compulsion… navigate and create, compose from energy and beat already present in character.  Another note:  “Forget the angst and the blocks, revive yourself through motion and unhinged curiosity.”

My attention breaks, latte done, and I think I do need more coffee.  Don’t want to walk all the way to the back of the building, the breakroom—Hating what I’m writing but I continue anyway.  Need to do something much different with the day.  What.  What….. GET OUT OF THE OFFICE.  Have lunch appointment at 11:45, so I could leave here an hour before an walk around territory, just say hi and hand out cards.  Why don’t I make that my plan for the day, just saying hi and handing out cards.. one of the other AE’s told me that’s exactly how he started.

I’m thinking about this WAY too much.  I always do.  That has to be funny to some of you, right… the excess meditation from someone who ad nauseum advises against such?  Just write it off as comedy.

Old coffee cup, with old coffee.  Won’t help.  Certainly not with my writing and speaking on this tech company, Sonic, what it does.

Project idea… yes another…  Write only about Sonic.  About this office and the AE life.  People would read it ‘cause everyone’s an AE for themselves.  Job applications, college applications… seeing one of my 1B students on the phone with her interviewer, for her college, a visual conference with another student or two.