Finished an essay here in the office.

Will post in a minute.  Now just want to relax… think about where I’m having lunch.  Jesus… already 11:04, :05.  Morning passing me, so I shouldn’t stay too long here in Sonic office.  Still quite a bit of the latte left.  I’ll drink it on the way to Sonoma Valley.  Or should I go to Dry Creek?  Miss that drive.  But it is a drive.

                What sorts of wines do I want to taste today, honestly I have no idea. No target or preference, style or varietal in mind.  Want to go shopping—oh, forgot there’s an Old Navy right by home.  So now you know what my budget is.  Posting essay, Cru Track, then leaving.  Have to find something in wine, today. Something in her being and collective story…. Not for selling purposes or anything “marketing”, just exploring, LIFE… it’s all in the drive, the Road.  Wines I had last night, at Steele & Hops, not saying much to me, at all.  They were just wines.  Oh, but I only had one, that Cab, or no a blend.  That’s right.  And I’ve had that one before, grading papers or writing just before the 1A section meets at 7.

                Stopping, making self stop.  Off to use the new Composition book, fill it with NOTHING but sip-jots, vineyard musings and thoughts, wonderings and wanderings… just me and my wine story, which from this morning, coming here to the Sonic office to write, I know.  I know.  I know what I’m to do, to write, till I’m no more.